Final CERTS grant awards currently being distributed

Washington, DC – The U.S. Treasury Department is advising they have completed reviewing
the remaining CERTS applicant pool and have determined the amount of additional funds
available for making the second payment to approved grantees.

Notice will arrive via email.

Treasury initiated the second payments by ACH Direct Deposit and the payment amounts should
be available in 1 or 2 business days. The combined value of the first and second grant payments
represents the total amount of the grant award.

We are also advised that grantees who had not received their agreements in time for this round of
payments, will receive one payment for the full grant award, rather than two, upon receipt of
their signed agreements.

The payment schedule will also differ for grantees requiring a bankruptcy addendum to their

While this completes the final distribution of the original $2 billion, the United Motorcoach
Association, along with the original coalition, is seeking additional funds for the bus and
motorcoach industry to assist Members continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Continue to monitor progress in the daily UMA NewsFLASH, Bus & Motorcoach News, weekly
UMA Town Halls.

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