EPA offering rebates to replace diesel school buses with cleaner vehicles

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking applications from public and private fleet operators to access over $10 million to replace old diesel school buses with cleaner vehicles.

Joining school districts, municipalities and private bus companies as eligible participants are regional, state and tribal agencies that have jurisdiction over transportation and air quality.

EPA announced that fleets of up to 100 school buses may submit one application for up to 10 new vehicles, while larger fleets can submit two applications for up to 10 buses. Fleets will be selected via lottery to receive a rebate of $20,000 for a new diesel or gasoline bus, $25,000 for propane, $30,000 for CNG/LNG, and $65,000 for electric.

The maximum rebate funding per application is $300,000.

Diesel-powered buses in Class 3-8 with model-year 2006 or older engines are eligible for replacement, if they were driven 10,000 or more miles over either the last 12 months or during the 2019 calendar year, or they were used three days a week between Sept. 1 of last year and Feb. 29 of this year. The buses must also be owned outright by the applicant.

The deadline for emailing applications is Oct. 30 at 4 p.m. Eastern, with selection letters expected to be mailed between January and February of next year.

Reprinted with permission from School Transportation News. Read the original post.

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