Doctor suspended for falsifying medical exam

Dr. Michael A. McCormick of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, has been suspended from participation in federal programs by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after pleading guilty to making a false statement on a medical examination for a commercial driver’s license.

He was sentenced in the Philadelphia U.S. District Court to three years’ probation, a $1,000 fine and a $100 special assessment. FMCSA also proposed his debarment from the Department of Transportation’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

According to federal investigators, McCormick told staff at his business, Express Med Urgent Care, to conduct a DOT physical examination on a patient. The staff members, who were not certified medical examiners, completed a DOT medical examination report and issued a DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate under McCormick’s name and number. McCormick knew the certificate and report were false because he did not perform the examination.


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