Andrew Siciliano joins ABC Companies as Senior VP of Sales

ABC Companies continues to scale up operations with the recent appointment of Andrew “Drew” Siciliano as the new Senior Vice President of Sales. 

ABC added the new role while refining existing positions across the Motorcoach Sales Team to ensure ABC’s customer base is served at the highest levels, the company said in a statement announcing Siciliano joining the company. 

“As we continue to expand our product offering, we now have the broadest portfolio in our history. This allows entry into new markets while bringing our existing customers more choices in an ever-changing economy,” said Roman Cornell, President and Chief Commercial Officer. “Throughout this growth, our customer relationships are critical to our continued success. I am excited to continue aligning with our customers and look forward to the many opportunities ahead. This streamlined approach will ensure our customers’ needs come first, allowing us to maintain the responsiveness that is one of our many competitive advantages in the market.”

15-plus years of experience

Siciliano joins ABC with 15-plus years of business management and development experience. His experience working closely with commercial fleets aligns with ABC’s focus on diversifying its offerings while growing with private motorcoach operators. Siciliano also has experience in zero-emissions transportation, which supports ABC Companies’ rapid growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market. With extensive experience in fleet management, Siciliano understands many of the challenges faced by motorcoach operators. His previous experience in providing fleet management services and work in the EV market create a unique background to benefit ABC’s growing customer base.

Andrew “Drew” Siciliano

“The experiences gained from past roles provide me with a baseline understanding of multiple industries, and how they interact with transportation needs. This is highly transferable to our business and many segments, including parts, coaches, buses, minibuses and transit. Understanding where our customers’ needs and our suite of service offerings intersect is key,” said Siciliano. 

He is looking forward to learning more about the industry, having been on the periphery of commercial travel for many years. Carrying over experience from multiple national-level roles in cross-functional leadership positions will assist him in achieving overall goals and next steps.

“As ABC has scaled up, the need arose for a well-qualified person to step into this new role and manage relationships with core customers. Drew’s background experience positions him to become a great advocate for ABC’s customers. Maintaining and increasing communication with clients is imperative to departments across the company. His focus on this role going forward includes current plans to meet with ABC staff and customers to understand their current and evolving needs. His initiatives also include evaluating interdepartmental processes for efficiency and potential improvement. Drew taking on this strategic role will assist in facilitating leadership to bring added value to the industry, fortifying relationships with clients and manufacturers,” Cornell said. 


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