ABC Companies introduces a fleet refurbishment program

ABC Companies has unveiled a fleet refurbishment program, which it says will add years of life to an in-service fleet while offering a budget-friendly alternative to vehicle replacements.  

The Orlando-based company announced the program at the APTA Expo 2023 in Orlando. 

ABC Companies
An ABC Companies technician works on a motorcoach.

“ABC Companies’ Fleet Refurbishment Program can keep your fleet up to date and on  the road longer,” said Dan Rodgers, vice president of national service operations at  ABC Companies. “We understand the challenges faced by fleet operators, from budgets  to new vehicle availability, and our program is designed to provide a cost-effective  solution that adds years of life to your fleet.” 

ABC Companies says its comprehensive and customizable program extends from motorcoaches to transit low-floor buses to cutaway shuttles, and ensures the continuous operation of fleets while allowing for technology and appearance upgrades. 

Highlights of the Fleet Refurbishment Program include: 

Multipoint mechanical inspections: Experienced technicians perform thorough mechanical inspections to identify and address any issues. 

Comprehensive mechanical, safety, body and passenger amenities options: the program offers a range of options to tailor a fleet upgrade to the customers’ needs, including mechanical enhancements, safety features, body improvements and passenger amenities. 

Enhancing a fleet’s appeal: The range of choices will not only help a fleet achieve optimal performance but also garner attention through its refreshed appearance and enhanced amenities, the company says. 

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