Village Travel wins UMA Environmental Leadership Award

This year’s UMA Environmental Leadership Award was presented to Jeff Arensdorf and Village Travel on Tuesday during the UMA Motorcoach EXPO by Brent Maitland, VP Private Sector for MCI & New Flyer.

“For 16 years, the UMA Environmental Leadership Award has been given annually to recognize the outstanding leadership practices by an operator who demonstrates environmental sustainability in its business practices, community stewardship, and industry-wide leadership; effectively promoting our motorcoach industry as a viable solution to reduce carbon emissions,” said Brent Maitland, VP Private Sector for MCI & New Flyer, who presented the award.

Left to right: UMA CEO Scott Michael, Village Travel CEO Jeff Arensdorf, and MCI’s Brent Maitland.

Wichita, Kansas-based company earned the recognition through its dedication to implementing environmentally sound practices. Examples of Village Travel’s efforts include:

The entire team of 449 employees work together to find ways to reduce their workplace carbon footprint and improve energy efficiencies.

Implementing a driver incentive program, rewarding drivers who beat the company’s average idle time limits with a quarterly bonus.  In 2023, Village Travel paid $50,000 in low-idle bonuses to its drivers.

The company installed roof mounted solar panels on several of its coaches which helps to extend battery life, reduce idle time, and improve fuel economy. 

Village Travel actively promotes motorcoaches as a environmentally friendly way to reduce the number of cars on the road. 

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