UMA Virtual Summit kicks off with focus on developing business growth plan

As the motorcoach industry waits for business to ramp back up following COVID-19 shutdowns, now is the time to focus on high-leverage activities.

Those include having conversations with customers, checking in with furloughed employees and finding a new path forward, advises Joe Calhoon, who opened the first session of The Virtual Summit: Ready. Aim. Restart! 

The key to developing a business growth plan is the goals need to be specific, measurable and attainable, he says. 

Spaced over three days, The Bus & Motorcoach Industry Virtual Summit is presenting actionable steps for operators of all size fleets and their team leaders to begin to serve customers again. The strategies focus on sales, marketing, finance and human resources. 

Participants are receiving a budget planning template, 40 jumpstart ideas for business development, and specific sales training, including a workbook and three follow-up virtual webinars.

On Wednesday, business adviser Jim McCann reviewed a budget planning template, explaining how to manage operations with a zero-based budget and a simple format to develop a projection for 30, 60 and 90 days out. 

Upcoming sessions

McCann returns Thursday to focus on developing a roadmap to profitability. He’ll be joined by Jim Pancero, who will speak about increasing the competitive advantage in sales. Rounding the second session will be James Blain and Bruce Heinrich, of PAX Training, speaking on how to develop a team that will deliver a better experience to passengers. 

Calhoon will return for the third and final session on Friday to define those high-leverage actions. He’ll also take part in three follow-up sessions in four, eight and 12 weeks.

A recording of Wednesday’s session is available for all registrants. There is still time to sign up for the event if you go to and click through to the registration link. 

If you are already registered, please log in a few moments ahead of time. Sessions begin on time!

If you have not received login information and you have already registered, please email Julie at first thing in the morning, and we’ll figure it out!

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