Travel Insurance: A Win-Win for Your Business

Travel insurance should be considered as an important component of your travel offerings for your customers. Not only can you provide your customers with added peace of mind, but you can earn additional revenue for your business. Through a partnership between UMA and USI Travel Insurance Services, you have access to a travel insurance program designed with UMA member companies and your travelers in mind. 

USI Travel Insurance Services

As customers book tours with you, help them feel more at ease about taking a trip away from home by offering travel insurance through our partnership with USI Travel Insurance Services. There is no cost to you to offer these plans, and you’ll receive a 30% program fee each time a customer buys your travel insurance plan. Program sign up is free and fast and we provide everything you need to market the plan, including a branded website and marketing flyer. We can also offer training for you and your staff.

In an unpredictable time, travelers are more inclined than ever to protect their trips from the unexpected with a travel insurance plan, even for shorter, domestic trips. 

We offer plans with Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage!

Today’s travelers seek flexibility, so more travelers are interested in the popular Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) optional plan upgrade. This upgrade offers more flexibility so a traveler can cancel for reasons not included on the plan (such as fear of travel or simply changing their mind) and still be reimbursed for a portion of their non-refundable trip payment. 

Now is the time to sign up.

Contact us to learn how you can work with USI Travel Insurance Services to offer travel protection and grow your revenue. Contact Sharon L. Broo, CTA, Vice President of Travel Insurance Services: or (770) 905-4065.

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