The fun of driving a school field trip

This is the time of year when schools start going on field trips, and it’s really nice to see schools starting to do that again, because I gotta say the pandemic kind of put a stop to all that the last couple of years. 

I recently took an elementary class from Peoria to Springfield, the Illinois capital, to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. We left at 8 a.m. and came back at 3 p.m. so it was a short trip. But I’m not going to complain. It’s nice to get out of the office and be behind the wheel of a coach again. 

Let me tell you guys how much I miss doing this. It’s a really fun job. Every car that drives by to drop their children off at the school, they go out of their way and duck their heads down low to try to get a glance of me. 

Driving past these giant, beautiful buses, at least in the Midwest, where they’re not as common, a lot of people just really want to see who’s sitting behind the wheel. I love that. It gives me a sense of pride. Sometimes I’m just like, “Yeah, I’m driving this big, beautiful land yacht. Jealous?”

A special passenger

Here’s the best part of the trip. One of the teachers, Mrs. Martin, was my teacher in fourth grade.

I never would have guessed in fourth grade that one day I would have her on my bus while I’m the driver. I think I owe her a couple of book reports. Still, it’s really really cool to see former teachers later on in your profession. 

After dropping off the fourth graders at the school, my daughter Leah was just getting out of school, so she hopped on the coach. 

Until next time, toodles.

Viewers’ thoughts

Here’s what some of you had to say about my field trip video. 

Cindy Winkler: So fun to watch a happy day for students! Cute daughter too, James!

Jordon Gully: What a coincidence, I visited Springfield on a school trip and arrived at the museum at the exact spot you parked! I recently visited the St Louis Zoo and saw Peoria Charter Buses there as well! Have a great one and be safe!

Greg Huang: I love all the videos you upload! Bus driver life sounds fun. And it’s amazing that you met your old teacher on this trip! It’s a small world out there!

Anthony Vega: I am one step closer to my CDL. Yesterday I started CDL school, and today I had my 2nd lesson. Everyday that passes I master every lesson.  Thank you for being my inspiration.

Bus & Motorcoach News contributor James Wang is co-owner of Peoria Charter Coach Company and a bus geek who shares his passion for the motorcoach industry on his two YouTube channels, J Wang and Motorcoach World

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