TEMSA continues to support customers with a range of 4 distinct models

TEMSA has embarked on a robust growth process in North America, reaching its highest market share to date, in the coach segment. With four specially developed models for North America, TEMSA continues to provide tailored solutions to its customers and remains a constant support for its business partners in sales, after-sales services, and finance.

Starting sales in the North American market in 2010 and continuing its operations in the region through TEMSA North America (TEMSA) since 2018, TEMSA is steadily enhancing its position in the market.

TEMSA developed the electric TS45E model for the North American market.

Developing specially produced TS30, TS35, TS45 and electric TS45E models for the North American market, TEMSA has created a success story, and continuing to gain more market share in the coach segment and adding new customers to its portfolio despite the challenging global and North American operating conditions with its wide range. Now attaining its highest market share to date in North America, TEMSA remains dedicated to supporting business partners and customers across all operational processes.

Offering tailored solutions to ease the financial burden

While continuing to offer its technologically advanced vehicles to customers under favorable conditions, TEMSA also aims to reduce the burden created on its business partners by increasing credit costs through financing models developed under the Temsa Financial Services umbrella.

With a flexible and agile management approach, TEMSA North America stands out as the sole OEM providing boutique services in the market, closely monitoring all dynamics, and implementing corresponding practices swiftly.

Building success through trusted customer relationships 

Fatih Kozan
Fatih Kozan

Highlighting the significant role of the North American market in TEMSA’s global journey, Fatih Kozan, Managing Director of TEMSA North America, emphasizes, “The four different vehicles we offer in the North American market today exemplify TEMSA’s advanced technology and sustainability approach. Developing vehicles tailored for the market, considering various factors such as driving safety, comfort, customer experience, and ownership cost, we are delighted to to grow in the market. The primary reason for nearly doubling our market share, is the trusting relationships we have developed with our customers. We address the customer experience across a broad spectrum, from the development of vehicles to sales processes, from after-sales services to satisfaction surveys. Integrating the needs of our customers and business partners, considering market dynamics, we continuously enhance our services. We believe that, together with all stakeholders in the market, we will collectively write a long-lasting success story.”

Today, operating in nearly 70 countries with close to 35,000 vehicles, and currently, the number of TEMSA vehicles on the North American roads has reached nearly 1,500 to date. TS45E, a model specifically designed, developed, and manufactured for the market, which achieved significant success in tests in U.S. and Canada, will also contribute to the transformation of the United States, being one of the leading models in the world’s largest bus market.

This story originally appeard in the 2024 EXPO Express magazine.

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