Ready-Aim-RESTART: UMA Virtual Summit to deliver the roadmap

UMA has created a major online training event to guide motorcoach owners and team members as they prepare to restart following an unprecedented shutdown. The Bus & Motorcoach Virtual Summit: Ready. Aim. RESTART, June 17-19, 2020, will bring expert business consultants together with motorcoach operators to help participants build their own roadmap forward.

A unique aspect of this event will be three expert-led follow-up sessions at four-week intervals, so participants will stay engaged and on track as they move through the stages of restarting their businesses.

“This event is going to empower and motivate operators in a way that is just what they need right now as they prepare for what’s next,” said Larry Killingsworth, UMA President and CEO. “Our summit is laser-focused on providing the tools and strategies every company will need moving forward.”

Presentations, discussions

The sessions will take place in three-hour blocks beginning at 1 p.m. ET Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (June 17-19). The Virtual Summit will provide a combination of expert presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions. Participants will come away knowing the information and strategies they need to create their roadmap to the future.

UMA leadership worked to assemble a group of experts that could provide strategies tailored to smaller-business owners. The keynote speaker is Joe Calhoon, author of several books, including The One Hour Plan For Growth: How a Single Sheet of Paper Can Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Other presenters will be Jim McCann, from the Spader Group, and Joe Pancero, a Hall of Fame speaker on building sales.

Key to rebounding

Killingsworth believes the key to quickly rebounding and being efficient with resources is to have a roadmap or a plan to lay out the steps to accomplishing goals.

“It doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate, with missions and values that are in fancy plans, but it needs to address the basic process of ‘What do I want to accomplish?’ and ‘How do I get there?’” he said.

Open to team

The Virtual Summit is designed in terms of content and pricing so that more than the owners, general managers or sales managers can attend. It’s for the team leading the restart of a business. The summit and follow-up sessions will be very collaborative.

The Virtual Summit is affordably priced for UMA members at $99 per individual ($169 for non-members). To encourage teams to participate, UMA members can register a team of up to five people from the same company for only $199.

The first 50 to register will receive an autographed copy of Joe Calhoon’s book.

Find registration and further information online at


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