Prevost 2018 Factory Training draws record attendance

SAINTE CLAIRE, Quebec – The 2018 Prevost Factory Training program in Quebec City attracted 55 mechanics and technicians from throughout North America, the largest turnout since the program began 18 years ago.

Every year since 2000 the Prevost Field Service Department and the company’s team of regional customer support managers have sponsored a week of intense maintenance training for mechanics and technicians who work on Prevost motorcoaches.

“Prevost has always taken a very direct, hands-on approach to maintenance training,” said Robert Hitt, the company’s director of aftermarket training for North America.

“We relate directly with our customers’ mechanics and technicians who do the work on our coaches back at their shops,” Hitt said.

The training enables participants to build on their technical and diagnostic insight, review recent product developments and strengthen their own networks with other Prevost operators across North America.

The event set the pace for subsequent training sessions that take place at select Prevost Service Centers over the coming year.

“These coach mechanics bring their unique perspective in knowing just how to fix a problem once they’ve determined the cause,” Hitt said. “Their job takes a particular type of person who can get the picture and then dig in to fix what’s not working. The way we see it, these sessions also allow us to learn from the very people we train.”

Before getting down to business, first-day activities included a guided tour of the Prevost factory, a visit to the newly-opened Prevost Museum for a look back on the company’s history, and some time to enjoy Quebec City. The week concluded with an awards dinner that recognized the three top-scoring attendees.

During that time, with books, agenda, contacts for the week and safety gear in hand, this year’s group of mechanics attended their pre-selected one- and two-day classes over four days of hands-on training with two Prevost instructors assigned to each class.

“We employ our regional service managers for this training, as they are our product experts,” Hitt said. “These are the go-to guys with the answers and solutions to all technical questions that arise.”

Prevost originally provided the training on its factory floor, but once the number of attendees outgrew the available space, the company teamed with a technical training school nearby to use its classrooms, complete with projection systems and training bays.

The Prevost Factory Training 2018 curriculum included:

  • Prevost electrical Prevost Multiplex and PRIME systems operation and diagnostics; onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting; and schematic familiarization
  • HVAC systems – Component identification, HVAC controls, troubleshooting and system diagnosis
  • Volvo drive train – Volvo D13 emissions and engine evolution; PTT advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting; sensor location and ECU communication; and valve adjustment and maintenance.
  • Pneumatic braking systems – Pneumatic system overview; system operation; maintenance and function; valves and operation; and Bendix Knorr caliper
  • Electronic Stability Program Automatic brake system and adaptive cruise braking
  • Accessory pneumatic system – Suspension, kneeler, entrance door, high buoy and low buoy
  • Transmission – Allison transmission diagnostics, troubleshooting and recommendations for replacement, and I-Shift transmission familiarization and troubleshooting
  • Greenhouse gas – Changes to emissions, engine and coach systems, and electric fan drive and charging system


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