Preserve your interiors to attract guests and save money

by Heather Larson

Once you’ve selected the upholstery for your buses or motorcoaches, you’ll need to maintain it properly so it will last its projected lifespan. Otherwise, the fabric will become ratty and stained before its time.

“It’s important to care for your upholstery. Vacuuming regularly and shampooing twice a year will help your seats look new and last longer, which will save you money,” explained Sandy Follis, president of sales for Sardo Bus & Coach Upholstery in Minneola, Fla.

Even with proper maintenance, not all materials have the same expected lifespan. Sardo has been selling quality interiors for years, so the company knows what works when it comes to cleaning and upkeep.

Leatherette guidelines

Follis said, with proper cleaning and care, leatherette fabric is destined to last three to five years, a significantly shorter time than other materials. To keep it looking new and clean for as long as possible, you need to be very meticulous about its care:

  • Clean leatherette with mild soap (castile or any gentle dish soap) and warm water
  • Make sure to remove any residue on the seats left from the soap by wiping with a damp cloth
  • Soak up spills with a dry, absorbent cloth
  • Remove stains with a soft bristle brush

Polyester guidelines

Fabric other than leatherette or leather can last from seven to 10 years with proper care, Follis said. Here are steps you can take to maintain its original look:

  • Vacuum regularly to keep crumbs and other dirt from becoming embedded in the upholstery
  • Shampoo seats every six months to a year
  • Treat spots and stains immediately; the longer they’re left, the harder it is to remove them

Wood-look flooring guidelines

Sardo also offers Gerflor flooring that looks like real wood.

“A new floor can completely change the look of your coach and bring it to the next level,” notes Follis. “Our floors can handle women’s high heels and athletic cleats without causing any damage to the floor. They have a sturdy padding underneath.”

Of course, these floors also need to be maintained for endurance. Here’s how:

  • Remove dust and loose debris with an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Scrub oil and grease spots with a medium-soft bristle brush
  • If necessary, use alkaline detergent to treat spots
  • Use a clean, damp mop to wipe up any residue
  • Finish with a dry mop or wet vacuum cleaner

Nothing refreshes your interior like a good schedule of maintenance and cleaning.

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