Napaway Coach launches red-eye bus service with beds

Napaway Coach is betting that customers would like to combine sleep and travel.

The startup transportation company, which bills itself as a new type of premium sleeper coach service designed to offer comfortable, convenient, overnight journeys between cities across the country, is launching service this summer.

Operations will officially begin June 17 with service between Washington, D.C., and Nashville, Tennessee.

Unlike red-eyes offered by the airline industry, Napaway’s model is all about comfort. The company is marketing its travel experience as an alternative to the stress and discomfort of air travel: a human-focused experience that’s easy, relaxing, and socially distanced by default.

“We all want to travel more, but most of us rarely do—because traveling isn’t easy. That’s why we set out to build a method of travel that’s convenient, comfortable and stress-free,” said Napaway founder Dan Aronov.

Relax in private space

Napaway’s proprietary concept divides its coaches into 18 private suites, each with more than 13 feet of usable space and a 2-in-1 lie-flat bed. The fully-flat, 6.5-foot-long bed can also be transformed into a personal lounge or two separate seats.

These innovative convertible suites were developed in close collaboration with Butterfly Flexible Seating Solutions, an industry pioneer in traveler comfort, and are based on the patented Butterfly flexible seating concept currently in development for the aviation industry.

Bedding and other amenities are provided to ensure that passengers can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed at their destination—without any wasted time. 

“Not all time is created equal,” Aranov said. “We’re trying to eliminate all the dead time involved in traveling, like spending most of a day in transit for a flight that might only take an hour or two in the air. With Napaway, there is no wasted time. You just board, relax, sleep, and arrive at your destination.” 

Napaway coaches leave from city-central points and, for travelers who might want to work or relax before heading off to sleep, each coach is equipped with high-speed WiFi and an onboard digital entertainment center.

Napaway’s inaugural route will initially operate on a Friday-to-Sunday schedule; coaches will depart Washington on Friday evenings and return from Nashville on Sunday evenings. Additional days and routes will become available in the coming months.

“No airports, no security lines, nobody sitting next to you, no stress, and no last-minute rip-offs,”  Aronov said. “The truth is, I built Napaway for me — because I really want to use it. And I think you will, too.”

Tickets will begin at $125 and can be purchased here. For more information, visit Napaway or email

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