Motorcoach industry is alive—and efficient—report shows

The 2017 Motorcoach Census Report shows motorcoach travel as one of the most flexible, cost-effective and environmentally efficient modes of travel—still. In 2017, the motorcoach industry provided 574.6 million passenger trips, not that far behind the 741.6 million trips on domestic air carriers, according to the report compiled by the American Bus Association.

During the census year, 3,196 companies operated 37,264 motorcoaches in North America; In the United States, 2,963 companies operated 32,920 motorcoaches, and in Canada 233 companies operated 4,344 motorcoaches. The majority of these companies, a whopping 94 percent, were small companies that operated fewer than 25 motorcoaches. Overall, the industry provided 98,500 jobs.

Given the number of passengers served per bus, motorcoaches move people with unequalled fuel efficiency. In 2017, the average fuel efficiency of a motorcoach was 6.4 miles per gallon of fuel. With this fuel efficiency, a motorcoach carrying the industry average of 43.7 passengers achieved 280.1 passenger miles per gallon of fuel in 2017.

Additionally, the survey showed that charter, tour and sightseeing services provided by motorcoaches are vital to the travel and leisure industries as well as intercity scheduled and commuter services.

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