FMCSA suspends sentenced Alabama chiropractor and medical assistant

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has suspended members of an Alabama  chiropractic firm for their part in a scheme to falsify DOT-mandated physical examinations of commercial motor vehicle drivers.

The suspension came after a February 2018 indictment charted Dr. Kenneth Edwards, his medical assistant Joann Bush and office manager Andrea Daigle with several counts of wire fraud, making false statements, falsification of federal records and conspiracy.

The practice targeted advertisements to trucking corporations, truck driving schools and the public stating their company Back & Neck Rehab performed DOT medical examinations in accordance with FMCSA safety regulations. However, the investigation found that Bush and Daigle conducted many of the physicals, even though neither had a medical license. The investigation showed they also failed to perform most of the DOT requirements for physicals, including hearing and vision tests. In some cases, they wrote false entries on examination forms when an accurate report would have disqualified the applicant.

In January, Edwards was sentenced to 37 months in prison and a $10,000 fine for his role.

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