FMCSA lists ELD-related violations

The following is FMCSA’s list of ELD-related violations and their corresponding severity weights.

Each BASIC violation is assigned a severity weight that reflects its relevance to crash risk. Crash risk is defined as the risk of crashes occurring and the consequences of the crash after it occurs.

The violation severity weights have been converted into a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 represents the lowest crash risk and 10 represents the highest crash risk relative to the other violations in the BASIC.

  • ELD – No record of duty status (ELD Required) -5
  • No record of duty status when one is required (ELD Not Required) –5
  • Not using the appropriate method to record hours of service –5
  • Failing to provide supporting documents in the driver’s possession upon request –7
  • The ELD’s display screen cannot be viewed outside of the commercial motor vehicle — 5
  • Operating with a device that is not registered with FMCSA –5
  • Portable ELD not mounted in a fixed position and visible to driver — 1
  • Driver failing to maintain ELD user’s manual — 1
  • Driver failing to maintain ELD instruction sheet –1
  • Driver failed to maintain instruction sheet for ELD malfunction reporting requirements — 1
  • Driver failed to maintain supply of blank driver’s records of duty status graph-grids –1
  • Driver failed to make annotations when applicable –1
  • Driver failed to manually add location description –1
  • Driver failed to add file comment per safety officer’s request –1
  • Driver failed to manually add CMV power unit number –1
  • Driver failed to manually add the trailer number –1
  • Driver failed to manually add shipping document number –1
  • Driver failed to select/deselect or annotate a special driving category or exempt status –1
  • Driver failed to certify the accuracy of the information gathered by the ELD –1
  • Failing to follow the prompts from the ELD when editing/adding missing information –1
  • Driver failed to assume or decline unassigned driving time — 5
  • Failing to note malfunction that requires use of paper log — 5

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