EXPO speaker will focus on winning the war for workplace talent

Methods and strategies for tackling workforce challenges will be front and center at UMA Motorcoach EXPO, Jan. 19-23, in Nashville. Eric Chester, a leading voice in attracting, managing, motivating and retaining the emerging workforce, will deliver the keynote address at EXPO, sharing his groundbreaking ideas with leading North American bus and motorcoach operators.

“There is a war for talent taking place on a global scale, and the future belongs to forward-thinking organizations that are focused on creating and sustaining a dynamic and compelling workplace culture,” according to Chester. As an in-the-trenches workplace researcher and thought-leader, Chester has cracked the code on the tactics and strategies companies that are recognized as “best places to work” in their respective industries are using to win the talent wars.

“Eric is the voice our industry needs at this time when workforce issues dominate operators’ concerns as it becomes more challenging to find and retain skilled employees, from drivers to technicians,” UMA President and CEO Stacy Tetschner said. “His message and lessons will help operators realize their potential to succeed in hiring and keeping better employees.”

The lunch-time keynote address, sponsored by UMA’s Bus & Motorcoach Industry Education Foundation, will take place at the Music City Center on January 20, 2020. The Bus & Motorcoach Industry Education Foundation is a new initiative powered by UMA to help operators meet today’s challenges, including workforce issues that are critical for today’s operators.

In a keynote address entitled, “How to Find and Keep Great Employees in the Worst Labor Market Ever,” the best-selling business author will shine the spotlight on innovative and savvy employers that have made bold moves, implemented guerrilla recruiting tactics, and are transforming the way the hiring and retention game is played and won. He stresses that most of the companies and organizations that have developed these unique strategies are not marquee brands and household names; their techniques and methodologies will inspire organizations of any size to change the way they recruit, hire, and manage their employees.

Chester says operators will emerge from this session with multiple important takeaways. He’ll help operators to discover the secrets and proven strategies to:

  • on board new employees to make a lasting impression and cement their commitment from day one.
  • create, develop, and reinforce the “7 pillars of an On-Fire workplace culture” i.e., Compensation, Alignment, Atmosphere, Growth, Acknowledgment, Autonomy, and Communication to improve productivity and ignite performance.
  • eliminate employee burn out, significantly reducing costly turnover
  • remain relevant with the emerging workforce as they develop young talent into future leaders.
  • become the ‘employer-of-choice’ in their respective industry
  • increase recruiting efforts by learning 5 tactics to find the best available talent
  • stabilize application flow even when compensation is less than what is offered elsewhere
  • determine ‘better fits’ to ensure those workers that are hired are safe bets for long-term employment.

Eric Chester’s keynote address is one of several sessions that are focused on human resources issues. The full education program is available online at www.motorcoachexpo.com.

The UMA Motorcoach Expo is the largest gathering of motorcoach operators in North America, bringing together nearly 2,000 bus and motorcoach industry professionals annually. Events include a driver competition, a mechanic competition, multiple networking opportunities, the industry’s most comprehensive show floor featuring the latest products and services, and an educational program designed to address all bus and motorcoach business operations. New for 2020, the EXPO show floor will feature a Mini-coach Pavilion featuring mini-buses and executive coaches that are increasingly popular among bus and motorcoach operators seeking to diversify their fleets. The theme of the 2020 UMA Motorcoach EXPO is “Embracing Innovation and Change.” The 2020 EXPO runs Jan. 19-23.

The United Motorcoach Association is the nation’s largest organization exclusively protecting and promoting the interests and welfare of privately-owned bus and motorcoach companies. Members include motorcoach owners and industry suppliers. To learn more about UMA, please visit our website.

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