Driver ticketed for crossing white line

LINCOLNSHIRE, England – It seems that the authorities in England are sticklers for perfect bus parking.

A motorcoach driver who had just dropped off 50 children on a school trip was slapped with a 50-pound fine (about $60) for stopping just six inches over a white line in an otherwise empty parking lot.

The driver, Christopher Wells, said he parked in a coach-only spot and wasn’t blocking anybody because there were 26 empty spaces around his bus.

However, because his front registration plate was hanging about six inches over the white parking line, his bus was ticketed.

Wells told the Daily Mail that local authorities were “just clutching at straws trying to get every driver they can now. I know some people do park really badly and they have their job to do, but for such a trivial thing like this when it tells you it’s a coach parking bay, I don’t really see where else you could park.

“I’ve parked here two or three times before and I’ve never received a ticket.”

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