Demand growing for UMA’s travel insurance program

At a time when the traveling public is more risk-averse than ever, United Motorcoach Association offers a travel insurance program that generates revenue for operators while giving customers peace of mind. 

Paige Balsinger, of All Around Charters and Tours, says she’s used the program for years and finds that, lately, it practically sells itself.

Page Balsinger

“I am working on a trip next month, and right now I have a 50% ‘yes’ rate, and that is much higher than it was pre-COVID,” she said during the UMA Town Hall session on Sept. 16.

In the past, some customers might not want to hear about the options in the program, but now, Balsinger says, almost every customer is curious to learn more. And it’s easy to inform customers using the customized landing page UMA partner USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services sets up for each participating UMA Member.

“We don’t want you to be insurance agents; that’s not your job,” Sharon Broo, of USI, told UMA Members during the Town Hall session. 

Modest revenue stream

With very little effort, Broo said operators can create a modest revenue stream and, with a little planning and training, they can generate a whole lot more. Many people are new to travel and they want these programs to put their minds at ease. 

Sharon Broo

Broo says USI can offer professional training to help UMA Members increase their revenues.

USI offers UMA Members two programs: a Comprehensive Travel Protection Plan for Individuals and a Group Charter Medical and Evacuation Plan. The Comprehensive Plan pays participating operators 30% commission on all sales.

“It’s an easy way to make a little bit of extra revenue on these trips,” Balsinger said. She has an information page on her company’s website with all of the relevant information, and customers are eager to learn more. USI creates these pages for all participating UMA Members.

For more information about the program, contact Sharon Broo at 770-905-4065 or There is no cost to participating companies but they must be a UMA Member.


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