Canadian consortium testing electric-bus charge system

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – New Flyer Industries Canada celebrated the official launch of the second segment of an electric bus charging trial spanning three communities across Canada — Vancouver, Brampton and York Region.

The Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) Pan-Canadian Electric Bus Demonstration and Integration Trial is the world’s first multi-manufacturer interoperability demonstration for fast-charge electric buses.

It involves on-route high-powered charging stations integrating with local utility systems and will test interoperability of electric transit vehicles using a new standardized high-powered overhead charging system.

Last month’s launch event for Ontario’s York and Brampton regions followed the Vancouver launch that occurred a few days earlier.

“With this launch, CUTRIC reinforces its industry leadership in technology and further commitment to interoperability amongst electric buses in Canada,” said Jennifer McNeill, vice president for sales and business development for New Flyer and a current board member for CUTRIC.

“As an innovation leader in transportation, New Flyer is proud to have participated in this project. It sets an important foundation for smart mobility, reduced emissions, efficient operation and heightened collaboration within Canadian public transportation – and establishes Canada as a leader in interoperability.”

CUTRIC is a nonprofit consortium founded in 2014 with nearly 100 members representing public and private stakeholders across Canada.

New Flyer has been a member of CUTRIC since its inception.

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