BusRates.com celebrates 20 years of connecting charter bus customers with operators

The technology platform BusRates.com, which is marking its 20th year, unveiled a new service today at the UMA Motorcoach EXPO in Raleigh, North Carolina.

BusRates.com now will provide a new webpage for each subscribing operator. These pages will allow operators to showcase their fleet and services, providing prospective customers with a comprehensive overview of their offerings.

Roxanna Melgar unveiled a new BusRates.com at the 2024 UMA EXPO. (Jill Kelly)

“Twenty years of helping motorcoach companies gain some of the top positions in their marketplace for the lowest cost,” General Manager Roxana Melgar said in summing up BusRate’s first 20 years. She spoke at the United Motorcoach Association luncheon, sponsored by BusRates.

BusRates.com,  a subsidiary of the UMA,  connects charter bus customers :directly with motorcoach operators without having to share the revenue with a broker. 

“BusRates is not a broker,” said Melgar. “We provide the charter bus customer with bus and motorcoach company subscribers in their area, connecting the operator directly with the charter bus customer to discuss schedule, service, and rates.”

One of the platform’s key innovations is its leveraging of collective buying power among charter bus companies to invest in search engine optimization. This approach ensures that operators rank higher in search results, enhancing their visibility to potential customers. 

“With the new service, each company will have much better name recognition,” says Dale McMichael, CEO of Executive Coach in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and a BusRates.com board member. “We’ve been members of BusRates.com for many years. It’s been really helpful.”

Attendees at the UMA conference will have an opportunity to visit the BusRates.com booth at EXPO to learn about the platform. 

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