Bus & Motorcoach News merges with UMA NewsFLASH

Whether it’s news about the reveal of a new motorcoach model or a feature about an operator celebrating a milestone, readers have counted on Bus & Motorcoach News to keep them connected to what’s going on in the industry. Now, that news will be delivered every weekday.

The weekly Bus & Motorcoach News has merged with daily UMA NewsFLASH to deliver the latest industry headlines to your inbox every weekday. The result will be one newsletter with the latest industry and UMA news. 

“Bringing the publications together in one weekday newsletter will make it easier for readers to find all day’s industry headlines in one email,” said Shandra Martinez, Bus & Motorcoach News Editor-in-Chief. 

Robust coverage

Readers can still count on the same robust coverage along with the weekly Motorcoach Minute video, with Kevin Creighton highlighting the week’s top headlines. Readers will also continue to have around-the-clock access to the publication’s website, where they can find more stories, including archives. 

During the pandemic, Bus & Motorcoach News shifted from a semi-monthly print edition to an online weekly publication. The UMA board made that decision to bring news and information to Members in a timely manner. 

Making the most of resources

The decision to merge Bus & Motorcoach News and the UMA NewsFLASH is another way the UMA board continues to make the most of resources to better serve Members. 

“Our board of directors is continually looking for ways to deliver more services to our UMA Members,” said CEO & President Scott Michael. “Bringing these two publications together will deliver more industry news to all our readers, and allow us to continue to highlight more original content on the Bus & Motorcoach News website.”

The industry publication is free for everyone, although UMA Members can access the extensive archives of Bus & Motorcoach News.

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