Arrow Stage Lines’ paperless system streamlines payroll

Arrow Stage Lines is finding success with a new paperless driver payroll system that streamlines the process for the employee and ensures a more accurate and timely paycheck. 

Alex Busskohl

Through a long and thorough testing process, Arrow is now able to eliminate all data envelopes and driver pay sheets, and streamline the driver pay process through a digital Samsara app.

“Here at Arrow Stage Lines, we understand the hassle and time consumption of filling out paperwork,” said Chief Operating Officer Jeff Howes. “Our new paperless payroll integration gives our team members the ability to eliminate that hassle by leveraging technology already being utilized within our company.”

Arrow’s new program began rolling out at the beginning of 2021. The company’s employees saw a seamless transition, and there have been no issues in the rollout. 

“Our drivers’ reaction has been very positive,” said Alex Busskohl, VP of Operations and Business Development. “They have gone from multiple papers and copies to fill out to no paperwork at all. It is a simple as signing in and seeing their work ticket on a tablet and then driving their trip. All of our payrolls have been on time and have been very accurate. We love this new system!”

Simple for drivers

The process is simple for the driver. All they have to do is ensure they have a custom-built work ticket for every work function and make sure that they log in correctly in their Electronic Logging Device (ELD).

“Imagine showing up for your charter as a driver, completing your pre-trip inspection, and then driving across multiple state lines and not having to log mileage or hours,” Howes said.

The 93-year-old transportation company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, is one of the largest privately held charter bus companies in the United States. Its new paperless payroll program allows technology to make all of the cumbersome calculations so the driver can focus on what matters: the safety of the passengers on their vehicle. 

“At the end of that long day, there are no forms, there is no paperwork to remember, and payroll deadlines are a thing of the past,” Howes said.


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