Virtual Summit participants ready to put ideas, strategies to work

The third day of UMA Bus & Motorcoach Virtual Summit: Ready. Aim, RESTART! ended on a high note as operators had a chance to talk about what they learned from the experts and how they were going to put that knowledge into place moving forward.

That discussion was a high point of the Summit, with a panel of operators sharing heartfelt stories of challenges and ways to overcome them, and the group chat was alive with supportive comments and advice.

Alan Robinson from R&W Motorcoaches, Elizabeth Kamalakis from Coachlight Tours and Ginny Orr from Golden West Travel took part in a panel discussion about how UMA’s Top 40 Action Ideas to RESTART Your Business and listening to the Summit’s presenters all helped them shape their direction going forward.

“To have this Summit at this point is very important, because it does allow us to go back and reevaluate our company and to right some wrongs, to make sure, when we do come back, we’re not only successful but we’ll be profitable,” Robinson said.

Keynote and final speaker Joe Calhoon challenged all attendees to “just do it: build your roadmap starting tomorrow.”

Follow-up webinars are scheduled in the next four, eight and 12 weeks to help participants implement their roadmaps.  

The sessions are intended for participants to come together to share what they accomplished from their plans, the results and what they learned.

“The bus business is all about relationships, and we will all survive if we just stick together,” said Robinson, adding, “This pandemic has brought us all together to make us realize we’re all in the same boat. Right now, I don’t care if you got 1,000 buses or you have one bus, we’re all in the same boat. Nobody’s moving. Nobody’s making any money. That’s where we all are. So, this is the time that we’ve all got to come together and share what we know. It’s the only way we will survive this pandemic.”


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