TEMSA unveils updated TS45 and first electric TS45E at UMA EXPO

TEMSA premiered the first electric version of its TS45 model motorcoach at the 2022 UMA  Motorcoach EXPO in Long Beach, California.

An updated TS45 and its new electric counterpart were unveiled literally, as black coverings were pulled off to reveal the blue and black vehicles to a large crowd that gathered to see them.

The TS45E, the electric version of the TS45 family that has been on U.S. and Canadian roads since 2014, growing market share in the motorcoach segment, TEMSA North America Country Director Fatih Kozan said. 

TEMSA premiered the first electric version of its TS45 model vehicle at the 2022 UMA  Motorcoach EXPO. (Photo by Jill Kelly/Terrapin Blue)

Aimed at North American market

The TS45E has been tested in California’s Silicon Valley and other locations over the past two years. It can travel 250 miles with a charge time of only four hours. The vehicle was specially designed for the North American market. The battery packaging was developed for North American regulations by TEMSA engineers, Kozan said.

“We have integrated the one-pedal drive technology, which we have also developed in-house. Connected to the battery, this pedal ensures both the acceleration and the deceleration of the vehicle, or even stopping of it, when drivers take their foot off the pedal,” Kozan said. 

He added that the technology increases the range of the vehicle by up to 15% while reducing brake maintenance costs and maintenance times. Service and maintenance processes have been made simpler by locating the parts of the vehicle powered by electricity as close to each other as possible.

“We have made this vehicle (the TS45), which we first introduced to the market in 2014 and of which we have sold approximately 250 units, much more aesthetically pleasing, while increasing passenger and driver comfort. We believe that the TS45 will also become one of the symbolic vehicles of intercity travel in North America,” Kozan said.


Part of ‘smart mobility’ solutions 

TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu flew in from Turkey to attend EXPO and lead the unveiling of the new vehicles.

Doğancıoğlu says the new TS45E model is pioneering the transformation in the motorcoach segment with its high driving comfort, maximum passenger safety, advanced technology and zero-emission features. 

The 54-year-old company’s global reach is wide, with vehicles in 66 countries. The TS45E is the fourth electric vehicle in TEMSA’s global product range and reflects its focus on a growth strategy based on “smart mobility” solutions. 

Close to customers

North America continues to be the strategic market in TEMSA’s growth plans.

“We have been a  great success in this market for nearly 10 years and have become one of the strongest players in this segment, especially with our market share reaching 10% in the motorcoach segment,”  Doğancıoğlu said. “Now, together with our electric TS45E model and our revamped TS45 vehicle, we are bringing a whole new vibe to the market.” 

Going forward, he said, TEMSA’s focus will be to perfect the customer experience with a sustainability approach, passion for innovation and technological know-how. 

“The first condition for this is to be close to the market and to your customer,” Doğancıoğlu said. “That’s why we’ve been operating in the market with our own company, TEMSA North America, since 2019. We coordinate our sales and after-sales services based in the USA, despite all the challenging conditions of the pandemic, to be together with our customers and business partners.” 


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