Senate Republican ‘Skinny’ proposal may yield productive negotiations

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators and House Members home on the August recess must be getting an earful Inasmuch as the Democrat leadership and White House negotiators have reached an impasse in

Enter the “skinny” plan, a proposal floated by Senate Republicans that could be attached to a budget continuing resolution but is half of the original spending in the HEALS Act.

The proposal has spurred conversation on the House side as Speaker Pelosi as ordered the House to return this Saturday to address propping up the U.S. Postal Service. Meanwhile, the Speaker said today she would be open to trimming down the House’s $3.5 trillion stimulus proposal, the HEROES Act, in order to reach a deal with Republicans.

This is important to the bus and motorcoach industry. Absent a larger bill to attach the CERTS Act (the bill would be unlikely to pass on its own), there is likely no relief for the industry.

While the trimmed-down Senate proposal does include a modified Paycheck Protection Program and a second-draw for businesses whose gross sales remain under 35% of 2019, the industry desperately needs longer-term assistance such as that contained in the CERTS Act or RESTART Act.

The UMA Legislative & Regulatory Committee heard comments earlier today that the PPP second draw could serve as a critical bridge while the CERTS Act and/or RESTART Act go through the regulatory process, which could take weeks.

“If your U.S. Senator and House Member is not currently a cosponsor, It’s important to contact them and they cosponsor the CERTS Act,” said Larry Killingsworth, UMA President & CEO.

“Hopefully, political conditions push the disparate political sides back together to pass an effective relief bill that contains the CERTS Act.

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