Amid record-shattering heat wave, tire safety is crucial 

A historic heat wave in the Pacific Northwest has created record-shattering temperatures in British Columbia, Oregon and Washington.

In the past week, temperatures in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle soared to 116 and 106, respectively, topping previous all-time highs. The unprecedented weather pattern that has caused deaths in the U.S. and Canada is being attributed to a heat dome that has trapped hot air in these normally temperate areas.

Temperatures have also been in the triple digits in Arizona. These weather patterns also can create dangers on roadways.

Heat wave affects tires

“Excessive heat will cause tires to wear more quickly and will exacerbate any pre-existing conditions,” said Bill Kaiser, President of Motorcoach Tire Sales of Columbus, Georgia. 

He recommends motorcoach operators check air pressure frequently during the summer heat because tire pressure increases as the outside air temperature rises.

“For every 10-degree increase in air temperature, tire pressure increases by 1 PSI,” Kaiser said. “Overinflation can cause a bus tire to prematurely wear and interfere with braking.”

While checking air pressure, operators should also frequently check tire tread depth during the hot days of summer and be prepared to replace tires as needed, he recommends.


Tire safety crucial as motorcoaches begin rolling again



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