New Entrant Program Website Updated

WASHINGTON — The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has updated its New Entrant Program website to help motor carriers understand their responsibilities during their first 18 months on the road.

The enhanced website introduces carriers to federal safety regulations and explains how FMCSA and state partners monitor carrier safety compliance during the New Entrant Program, which they do by conducting a safety audit on new carriers.

A safety audit is a review of a carrier’s safety management controls and a sample of required records to assess safety compliance.

To help carriers understand what to expect during a safety audit, FMCSA also launched a guidebook to help carriers prepare by gathering documentation that auditors might request to verify compliance with safety regulations.

Once carriers successfully complete the New Entrant Program, they continue to be monitored through roadside inspections and state crash reports under FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability compliance and enforcement program.

“New entrants are a vital sign indicating the industry is healthy and the marketplace is growing,” said Ken Presley, the United Motorcoach Association’s vice president of industry relations and COO. “Seeing more new entrants enter the business is a focus of UMA’s efforts.

“This is an excellent website for established carriers to visit as well, as it reviews some fundamentals that may slip through the cracks until a compliance review comes along.”

The site is:

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