Lancer Customer Highlight

Gladys Gillis Chief Executive Officer Starline Luxury Coaches Seattle, WA Lancer customer since 2003

Gladys Gillis, CEO,Starline Luxury Coaches “Lancer solved my Olympic-sized problem with aggressive, immediate action.”

“As the transportation provider to the Winter Paralympics in Vancouver, we had wheelchair clients on board every day, all day. Being athletes, they were offended by the idea of having their wheelchairs tied down for safety, and the Olympic Committee was on their side.

I called Lancer and explained the risks we faced. The supervisor of Lancer’s office in Washington State flew to Canada the very next day to discuss liability issues with the Olympic Committee. He explained the regulatory and safety requirements behind the tie-down mandate to the Committee members and got the problem solved right away.

As the vendor, I didn’t want to be difficult, but I couldn’t afford to have people hurt. Lancer took up the battle for me, protecting me from liability risk while protecting my reputation and relationship with my customer.”

If you want proactive risk mitigation from a passenger transportation specialist, ask your agent for a Lancer quote or call Lancer directly and get assigned to an agent. To learn more, call 800-782-8902, x3264 or email



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