Highlights from CVSA’s annual Expo and Conference 

Highlighting the international scope of highway enforcement, the CVSA opened their annual meeting in Grapevine, Texas on Monday with a presentation of the colors and rousing renditions of the Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. national anthems. Member organizations, includes 13,000 enforcement officials working to achieve uniformity, compatibility and reciprocity of commercial motor vehicle and driver inspections throughout North America by implementing the North American Out-of-Service Inspection Criteria. 

CVSA annual meeting

CVSA President, Maj. Chris Nordloh, Texas Department of Public Safety welcomed nearly 900 attendees followed CVSA Executive Director, Colin Moody who provided a brief update.

In only her second week on the job, Sue Lawless, FMCSA Assistant Administrator and Chief Safety Officer spoke about the Secretary of Transportation’s goal of zero fatalities and how we must think differently to get there using technology and other methods. She also noted the speed limiter proposed rule would soon be released. Lawless will serve as FMCSA’s chief safety officer to promote the Agency’s safety mission, collaborate with federal, state, and local governments, and provide direction to all national commercial vehicle safety programs.

Getting down to business, attendees participated in the various day long committee meetings including the Passenger Carrier where the committee focused on emergency egress. The Committee recommended the emergency exits that did not function as designed should be placed out-of-service. The Committee will continue to explore criteria related to emergency express.

“I am always reminded of the great burden enforcement officials bear to make travel over our nation’s highways safe for all travelers,” commented UMA’s Ken Presley. “Their dedication is reflected in the deliberate approach each committee takes when evaluating current inspection criteria. 

Driver Excellence award

An exhibition floor featured trucks displaying various levels of electronic safety enhancements and a Level IV autonomous truck that garnered considerable attention. The Kodiak is in current commercial use and operates “exit-to-exit” where a driver assumes the operation of the vehicle. Most agree the truck is a glimpse of the near future.     

Henry “Wayne” Hayes

A highlight of the event was recognizing Henry “Wayne” Hayes, CVSA’s 2023 International Driver Excellence Award Winner. Hayes has driven 4.1 million safe miles during his 38-year professional driving career and drives for AutoZone since 1994.

In 2021, Hayes was nominated and inducted into the Driver Hall of Fame, AutoZone’s first-ever driver to be honored by the National Private Truck Council. In 2020, he was the inaugural AutoZone truck driver to log more than 3 million safe miles, and in 2021, Hayes received AutoZone’s Driver of the Year Award. He has also received numerous Extra Miler Awards for going above and beyond routine tasks, and he has a perfect attendance record for the 29 years he has been with AutoZone.

“Safety is very important to me,” said Hayes. “I try to always keep safety at the top of every action I take as a driver. I drive expecting the unexpected. I always anticipate what the motoring public will do when I pass alongside them or meet them in a parking lot. It’s not easy, but you have to look out for yourself and those around you.”

CVSA also recognized Minnesota State Patrol Trooper Thomas Krolak who took First Place in Passenger Carrier Inspection during the 2023 North American Inspectors Championship and finished as Grand Champion in the overall contest. 

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