Florida Governor Wants $4 billion for Roads, Bridges

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s roads and bridges are in line to receive more than $4 billion in fiscal 2018 as part of the budget announced recently by Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott’s total proposed transportation budget of $10.8 billion marks the fourth year in a row it has topped $10 billion.

“As the third-largest state in the nation with the fourth-fastest growing population, we must make sure our state is prepared to safely welcome new families, visitors and job creators,” Scott said in announcing his budget, which is $100 million more than the Legislature allocated to Florida’s Department of Transportation last year.

“We have made significant investments in transportation for four years in a row because we know the incredible impact it has on job creation and helping Florida become a leading hub for global trade.”

The $4.1 billion that the Republican governor proposes devoting to Florida’s roads and bridges must be approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature, which fully did so the past three years. Much of that money would go to projects underway that would receive additional funding.

Sally Patrenos, former executive director of the Florida Transportation Commission, which oversees the state’s transportation agencies, said she doubts that many states maintain their infrastructure as well as Florida does.

“Expansion and new construction is critically important when our state is adding 1,000 people a day,” Patrenos said.

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