EXPO speakers to deliver strategies on boosting sales and solving problems

Growing your business by boosting sales and quickly solving problems will be the focus of two highly anticipated presentations at the upcoming UMA Motorcoach EXPO in Orlando, April 21-25.

Keynote speaker Steve Shapiro will talk about how to find invisible solutions to difficult challenges. The Invisible Solutions author will even demonstrate his problem-solving strategy during his presentation. He’s asking attendees to send their most challenging problems to him.

Jim Pancero will sum up all lessons from EXPO, during his presentation in the April 22 afternoon session, with a focus on putting together “a plan to supercharge your sales efforts.” The strategies couldn’t be more timely with demand for travel returning thanks to the availability of vaccinations.

Thrilled to team up at EXPO

The two acclaimed speakers are thrilled to team up together at EXPO.

Jim Pancero

“I’m so happy that Jim’s here, honored to be on the program,” Shapiro shared in a recent video message to UMA Members. “We don’t get to do this as trainers and speakers very often, so it’s always exciting.”

Shapiro says problem-solving is really about turning problems into opportunities. 

“I’m not just going to tell a bunch of nice stories. I’m actually going to give you some tools and some processes that you can use that will help you solve any problem that you have within your organization,” Shapiro said. 

A different lens

He’ll do that by teaching how to look at a problem through a different lens.

Steve Shapiro

“These lenses are going to help you see opportunities that you just never even knew are right in front of you,” said Shapiro. “It’s a great time to really tap into some spectacular opportunities that are coming forward in 2021.”

Shapiro is asking EXPO registrants to email him at EXPO@SteveShapiro.com about their biggest challenges, issues, or problems. He will choose several to solve live on-stage during his General Session Address on the morning of Friday, April 23. 

“Nothing is too difficult. Nothing is too crazy,” said Shapiro.

Those who deliver on the problems for his presentation will be rewarded with a signed copy of his book.


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