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Prevost focuses on people when making motorcoaches

SAINTE-CLAIRE, Quebec—The year 2019 will be special for motorcoach manufacturer Prevost. The company will be celebrating its 95th anniversary.

In 1924, Eugene Prevost, a cabinetmaker, created a wooden motorcoach body and mounted it on an REO truck chassis. Today, Prevost rolls out some of the most advanced, luxurious and comfortable vehicles on the market.

“I think the product contributes to our longevity,” says Michael Power, director of marketing for Prevost. “We’ve always tried to innovate and bring to market new, sound innovations, things that work for our customers, which really do benefit their operations.”

But he sees something else just as important that contributes to the success of Prevost—people.

“The culture I see in this organization, I’ve rarely seen in other organizations” shares Power. “To see the passion of the people, always taking into consideration the customer, wanting to aid the customer along the journey—from sales to service, from parts availability and support to the back office coordination, just a true commitment to everything surrounding the customer. That  culture is hard to miss within this organization. I think that’s helped us move through the decades.”

He points out that Prevost puts a lot of time and effort into supporting its customers with all of its products, from high-end motorhomes to entertainer and commuter motorcoaches.

“We’re really proud of everything we’re doing to develop our service network,” Power said.  “Now we have the largest and strongest service network in the industry. We just opened up in Orlando in August. That leads us to 15 service centers. We currently have 57 service trucks and we are constantly expanding.”

The service trucks are mobile service units completely outfitted for a Prevost-certified technician to do work remotely, whether that’s on the road or at a customer’s shop.  It’s not just emergency roadside assistance; it’s a greater service than that, according to Power.

“This is more toward going to the location and helping with repairs and technical aspects that are needed in a service center,” he said.

Beyond service for its motorcoaches, the company also supports customers through training via the Prevost Technical Institute, which offers technicians and mechanics training seminars.

“We’re developing new training software and new training sessions for our customers,” Power said. “We’re building a very strong library around that to help our customers do training for their technicians. We’re really building volumes  to help and support.”

In addition, he says Prevost is starting to offer service contracts, and the company plans a big push on that at the UMA Expo, along with other unveilings.

“We’re going to offer service contracts in specific areas, through our service centers, where we see many operators don’t have the facilities, technical knowledge or manpower to maintain their operations,” Power said. “We want to be able to support them, so we’re looking at trying to offer the full package. Not only the product, but the service that goes around them.”

He added: “We want to be the best business partner for our customers. I think when you’re buying a Prevost, you’re not just buying the vehicle, you’re buying the whole gamut of support as well.”

While the past and present have been outstanding for Prevost, Power sees a bright future for the company.

“We have a lot of exciting things coming up,” he said. “In the next few years, you’ll see many new innovations, and I think that’s going to drive the future for us.”


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