Business growth expert to deliver keynote at EXPO

Business growth expert Meridith Elliott Powell will deliver a keynote address on strategies to turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage at the upcoming 2022 UMA Motorcoach EXPO on Feb. 23-26.

Meridith Elliott Powell

Powell is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and business strategist with a background in corporate leadership and sales. 

“She has some really insightful information for all of us, and I’m very excited we were able to get her as our keynote speaker,” said United Motorcoach Association Board Member Mitch Guralnick, who co-chairs the EXPO Committee.

Powell will share her philosophy about how and why companies must prepare to thrive even in the most challenging times. She will speak at the EXPO General Session on Friday, Feb. 25, in Long Beach, California. (Registration is available online.)

Innovative strategies

The motivational speaker will share the innovative strategies needed to redefine disruption and turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage.

She will share research from her newest book, “Thrive: Turning Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage,“ where Powell studied nine companies — which started in the late 1700s to early 1800s — that are still thriving in business today. The group features businesses that have survived world wars, economic depression and the pandemic. What she found is a powerful methodology for what it takes to navigate change at this level, find opportunity in crisis and inspire team members to move from reacting amid change to driving it.

Powell says her presentation will take the audience through the steps needed to strategically move forward, proactively prepare for disruptions, stand out from the competition and dominate the marketplace. 

“Competitive, challenging and constantly changing — that is today’s marketplace,” said Powell. “To grow and compete, you need a new perspective and a new approach to sales, marketing and business growth.”

Bring an open mind

Attendees will come away with a personal strategy that ensures they have what they need to stay razor-focused, highly flexible and ready to turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage.

She asks that attendees bring an open mind and be ready to discover new ideas and new ways of doing things that will shift how they think, feel and, most importantly, act when it comes to dealing with the constant changes and shifts in the marketplace.

“I am so excited to be presenting my keynote, “Thrive: Turning Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage.“ We have cracked the code on what it takes — the strategies, the proven formula you need — to actually make all this change and uncertainty start working for you,” Powell said.


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