Boston operator joins FlixBus network

Boston-based Lucky Star Buses has joined the FlixBus bus partner network to expand service between Boston and New York City.

FlixBus is expandng service from Boston to NYC. (FlixBus)

“Close partnerships with regional bus operators with years of experience, expertise in their markets and a history of great service like Lucky Star is what makes FlixBus such an affordable, convenient and easy-to-use bus service,” said Pierre Gourdain, Managing Director of FlixBus USA and Canada. “We are excited to welcome Lucky Star to the FlixBus network and boost one of our most popular lines between New York City and Boston.”

Established in 2003, Lucky Star Buses offers competitive fares to customers traveling between Boston and New York City. Since then, Lucky Star evolved from a family-style operation business into a corporation that maintains its fleet of more than 20 luxury motorcoaches running daily trips on one of the busiest bus routes in the United States.

New options for riders

Lucky Star’s popular route between Boston’s South Station and Lower Manhattan (145 Canal St.) will continue running on the FlixBus network with tickets now available on and the FlixBus app. 

This adds new options for FlixBus riders, who can now enjoy two stops in Manhattan — in the Chinatown neighborhood (Lower Manhattan) and in Midtown (31st Street and 8th Avenue). 

With trips starting as low as $24.99, this route is expected to appeal to travelers looking for value and convenience when booking their next trip.

Travel green

Lucky Star customers can also enjoy a new way to travel green with every Boston-NYC trip. FlixBus puts the power of sustainability into riders’ hands through optional carbon offset credits:

  • FlixBus has collaborated with atmosfair to offer customers the option to travel climate-friendly on their FlixBus journey. Customers can purchase “CO2 Compensation” tickets during booking, thereby making a voluntary environmental contribution.
  • The optional cost of traveling green will be added to customers’ ticket prices, approximately 1%-3% of the original ticket price.
  • In the United States and Canada, 75% of atmosfair climate contribution donations are invested in a United Nations-accredited Gold Standard Climate Protection Project to provide clean cookstoves in Rwanda.
  • The remaining 25% flows into the Future of Mobility Fund, set up together by Flix and atmosfair, to drive sustainable mobility and decarbonization in the cities and communities where FlixBus operates. These donations help to take emerging carbon-neutral technologies out of the lab and onto the road for real impact. 
  • Customers will also support local communities, NGOs and volunteer groups to make eco-friendly living choices accessible to everyone.


Lucky Star joins N.E. association

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