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Issue Date: 4/15/2015

UMA Motorcoach Expo 2015 / Travel Exchange

Motorcoach Council

Industry News

UMA members deliver motorcoach message to Congress

WASHINGTON - United Motorcoach Association members turned out in record numbers for the 2015 Capitol Hill Days, meeting face-to-face with lawmakers to boost their awareness of federal...
Lawmakers seek to reform bus and truck safety system

WASHINGTON - Criticism by congressional Republicans of the federal system for measuring the safety of bus and trucking companies has been increasing in recent weeks, with one House member filing...
Study reveals industry slippage

WASHINGTON - When economists and business analysts say the recovery from the 2009 national recession has been uneven it's doubtful they had the motorcoach industry in mind - but they certainly could...
New study looks at ways to ease D.C. bus-parking crunch

WASHINGTON - A new study commissioned by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments recommends various ways of improving both on- and off-street parking for tour buses during...
Red-light cameras? Of course there's an app for that

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - For drivers who dread, fear or are fed up with red-light cameras, there's now a mobile smartphone application that helps locate cameras in 130 cities at 900 intersections...
New solutions needed to combat driver shortage

As if finding new drivers and generally coping with the driver shortage weren't hard enough, new figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and pronouncements from labor market experts...
Smartphone security likely to get better, much better

More and more motorcoach drivers are using personal smartphones on the job, a trend that can cause problems for businesses if the devices are lost or stolen, say technology experts.


Heed the Battle of Gettysburg: Recruit first-rate drivers
By Dave Millhouser

John Tomaszewski has died.

You probably don't recall his name, but you'll remember the event that made him newsworthy. Tomaszewski was driving...

A stadium full of customers awaits marketing superheroes

By Christian Riddell

Motorcoach Marketing Council

In the next 12 months, the motorcoach industry will move more than 20 million people....

Greyhound not at fault in deadly 2010 accident

FRESNO, Calif. - In a case closely watched by the motorcoach and insurance industries, a jury found that Greyhound Bus Lines was not at fault in a 2010 deadly crash that killed six people.


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