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Issue Date: 2/1/2015

UMA Motorcoach Expo 2015 / Travel Exchange

Motorcoach Council

Industry News

Political/regulatory issues add air of urgency to Expo
NEW ORLEANS -- UMA Motorcoach Expo 2015, as in past years, featured new buses and equipment, topical education sessions and valuable networking opportunities -- along with revamped and revived events...
Inconsistency of inspections is lambasted
NEW ORLEANS - One of life's early lessons is that it can be unfair.

Top federal safety regulators got a glimpse, during a featured session at UMA Motorcoach Expo here last month, at just how...

UMA Capitol Hill Days will focus on pressing issues
ALEXANDRIA, Va. - On March 17-18, the United Motorcoach Association will host one of its most important annual activities - UMA Capitol Hill Days.

And the association has issued an urgent appeal...

Fundraising successes chalked up by Marketing Council
The Motorcoach Marketing Council is celebrating the success of its fundraising efforts at both the United Motorcoach Association Motorcoach Expo and American Bus Association Marketplace last month.


Feds keep 50% random drug testing rate

WASHINGTON - Federal regulators say motorcoach and trucking companies will have to continue random drug testing of half their drivers this year.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration...

FMSCA issues sleep apnea guidelines after congressional criticism
WASHINGTON -- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration quietly posted a bulletin last month telling medical examiners that if they suspect a commercial vehicle driver may have sleep apnea, the...
States take the lead on transportation funding reform
By Kenneth Orski

Although some members of Congress are pressing for an increase in the federal fuel tax, responsibility for funding transportation projects is increasingly shifting...

With diesel down, will fuel taxes rise?
WASHINGTON -- Now that the price of diesel fuel has fallen below $3 a gallon, its lowest level in nearly five years, there are increased rumblings from state officials about possible increases in fuel...
Keys to winter driving: Whether you go, how you go
By Dave Millhouser

There are several ways to look at getting old.

You can lament the fact that now that you finally understand how things work you're too old to actually...

Trailways adds members in Pennsylvania, Mississippi
FAIRFAX, Va. - Mlaker Transportation of Pennsylvania and Bus Supply Charters Inc., of Mississippi are the latest motorcoach operators to join the Trailways Transportation System network.


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