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Issue Date: 1/1/2015

UMA Motorcoach Expo 2015 / Travel Exchange

Motorcoach Council

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Advice offered by operators following safety audits

ASHBURN, Va. -- The bus and motorcoach industry is increasingly waving a last good-bye to the three-day Compliance Review of old.


Actions position ABC Companies for growth in 2015
WINTER GARDEN, Fla. - A series of moves implemented during the past year appear to have positioned ABC Companies to take advantage of the benefits that a recovering economy may bring to the motorcoach...
More insurance: What say you?
WASHINGTON -- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking input on the possibility - some say likelihood -- of increasing the minimum amount of liability insurance that motor carriers are...
DVIRs: The new double standard
WASHINGTON - Read this c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y.

A misreading, says one long-time operator, could result in "having your head handed to you" by safety inspectors or investigators.

The Federal...

West Virginia expands subsidized bus service
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The West Virginia Department of Transportation is spending $582,658 in federal grant money during the current fiscal year to subsidize two daily cross-state bus routes provided by...
Feds to form committee to tackle training standards for new drivers
WASHINGTON - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is looking for candidates to serve on a committee that will negotiate and develop regulations setting minimum training standards for new commercial...
The personal responsibility of leadership
By Carolyn Gruske

TORONTO -- The concept of leadership is usually perceived as having sway over the actions of others.

But a speaker at the annual convention of the Ontario...

NLRB: Employees have right to use employer email system
By Mark Carter

Last month, the National Labor Relations Board issued a decision finding that employees had a statutory right to use employer-owned email systems for protected communications...

Regulatory excesses sap respect for law enforcement
By Dave Millhouser

It was scary.

A man entered a friend's small business and pulled out . . . an IRS badge.

An ever-alert IRS computer had detected that a mandatory...

Two elected UMA directors, LeBron departs after 18 years
NEW ORLEANS - When the board of directors of the United Motorcoach Association convenes for its first meeting of 2015 here later this month, it will have two new members.

UMA conducted its annual...

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