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Issue Date: 5/15/2015

UMA Motorcoach Expo 2015 / Travel Exchange

Motorcoach Council

Industry News

Industry officials vent their frustrations over FMCSA

WASHINGTON - The national commercial motor carrier safety system -- from Congress to federal regulators to state inspectors -- was criticized for confusing, misguided and sometimes antagonistic...
Congress considering bills to block insurance increase

WASHINGTON - Lobbying efforts by the United Motorcoach Association and others in the commercial motor vehicle industry are showing signs of success in Congress.


Inbound Chinese group-travel market seen growing

As the motorcoach tour market has generally dimmed and dwindled during the past 15 years, one of the few bright spots has been the growth of the inbound Chinese market.


National Interstate reports mixed first-quarter results

RICHFIELD, Ohio -- National Interstate Corporation, which experienced a challenging financial year in 2014 due mostly to a rise in truck accident claims, continued to see its net income...
Passenger vans hold their value as economy improves

GAINESVILLE, Ga. - Of all the vehicles in your fleet, the ones that may be holding their residual value the best are the large passenger vans.

The Black Book, an...

Key questions, answers for getting the capital you need

By Gary Miller

Lacking sufficient capital to grow is the main constraint for most small companies.

To reach the next level of success,...

Six ways to create better, stronger passwords

Almost everything we do these days involves computers and passwords, and with hacking so prevalent this is a good time to make sure your passwords are strong enough to repel hackers.

Keep passenger belongings safe – after you take selfies

By Dave Millhouser

It was the strangest thing. Every one of the 170 kids who'd just returned from a youth camp in Colorado found, when they had...

Your future customers are already riding on your buses

By Christian Riddell

Motorcoach Marketing Council

Last month we talked about the opportunities that exist outside of our...

California bus dealership cleared in fatal crash

CARSON, Calif. -- A Carson-based bus dealership was not liable in a 2010 rollover bus crash that killed two Chinese tourists and injured eight others during a trip to the Grand Canyon,...
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